Suddenly, Bonnie-Bee

There's a hair on my pillow, and I smile, because I know
you were here in my house and we were so close.
In the fields in the forests in the cities, we'd walk
in our own little bubble, baby we would sit and talk .... forever

We met each other in a world that was falling apart
like to planets on collision course we were drawn towards each other's heart.
You looke straight at me and I looked straight at you.
There was nothing in the world that nobody could do.... about it.

And I called you Bonnie-Bee
and you called me Little Tree
we thought forever it would be
Bonnie-Bee and Little Tree

I went away for a job, but it was too far.
The highway kept us together and tore us apart.
You were on a journey searching for your soul.
We jumped into the sea together and got washed up on... two different shores.

Where are you, Bonnie-Bee?
I'm searching this lonely beach.
And I'm asking the wind and the sea
"Have you seen Bonnie-Bee?"

A doubt crept in straight out of the blue.
Your hand slipped from mine, baby what did we do?
We thought, that this one's gonna last,
but feelings got hard, and words were fast.

Now I'm sitting in my room, wondering where you are.
Wondering why it's only minor chords that are left in this guitar.
It was for you, that I wrote my very best songs,
now let the wind take them and carry them....along

I am still Little Tree
and I think that you are still Bonnie-Bee
forty-four and seventeen
sometimes I wonder how much that could be

Suddenly, Bonnie-Bee,
suddenly, Bonnie-Bee

(c) Joe Ritterbecks, 2019


2019-11-14 - - - cont@ct Joe