Find Joe - Lyrics


I'm just a little jetlagged,
in the early morning light,
by seven I'll be leaving, on a Jet Blue flight.
Strapping on my backpack on the fourteenth floor,
by noon I should be rolling
on the road to Joe

Now it's a southbound highway,
blue ridge skyline
and the Shenandoah river
is rolling at my side.
Tennessee border ten miles to go,
feels like I'm getting closer
to Joe.
Carolina border five miles to go,
somewhere in these hills,
there's Joe.

Now main street, Marshall,
Marshall's my town.
Flying so high,
I ain't ever coming down.
Carolina Blue Moon, tomorrow I'll go
first find Trust and Luck
and then find Joe.

This song's for Olivia, and for Bill, her pa.
And for Randolph the preacher
and for Cline from Fowler Farms.
This song's for Conny, who works at Flow,
all the beautiful souls
on the road to Joe

This song's for every mile of the road,
every mile I've travelled, every mile still to go.
This song's for me, for all I know
and all the beautiful souls on the road to Joe.

So many friendly people on the road to Joe,
but most of all it's for the girl,
who was not afraid,
to look straight at Joe,
who said "C'mon Joe, let's go, Joe
never been there but I'd like to know what's in there,
if you don't mind the company
I'd come along, because I think it's easier, for two, to find Joe."




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