End of the valley - Production notes

All tracks were recorded digitally on a Zoom R16. AKG C2000 for the vocals, Shure PG81 for the acoustic guitar, a Martin D15. Fanny Stratocaster was run through a clone of some famous overdrive pedal into a Vox VR15 which was close-miked using an old Sennheiser MD403. The original overdrive escapes me, but I bought the clone PCB under the name "Der Zen" from musicding.de and named the result "Tupelo Honey". The bass was played through a Mindprint channel strip directly into the Zoom. The drumkit I borrowed from Paul, miking just the kick (Sennheiser e902), Snare (Sennheiser e904) and Overheads (Shure PG81). The guiro sound is a leftover from the Alesis drum computer pilot track.

Tracks were imported into Cubase LE and mixed using whatever gadgets came with that or could be downloaded.